About Me

who am i

I love creating things and figuring how to make things work, that shouldn't work.

I believe that being a good listener and a team player are important to acccomplish goals. I always apply 100% effort with anything I do. I'm a geek/nerd and I've always been into computers, comics, and art. I love web design and to code. I taught myself PHP/MySQL and learned the rest at school. I love spending time with my family, photography, basketball, video editing, and graphic design. I'm a kid at heart, but know when to get down to business. Feel free to contact me.

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Why me

16 Years of Experience

I have 16 years of experience in the web, graphics, and networking disciplines.

Time Management

I'm able to work under high pressure while meeting strict deadlines.

Team Player

I am a team player with strong communication, and problem solving skills.